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About Calgary Custom Photobooths and Event Photography

Calgary Custom Photobooths is a subsidiary of Riverwood Photography that is dedicated to providing photobooths for corporate and life events, including Weddings, Christmas parties, Anniversaries and Family Reunions, Birthday parties, Golf Tournaments, Calgary Stampede events, and other Corporate functions of just about any size or nature. If you’re having an event or party and you need some entertainment for your guests then you should definitely consider including a custom photobooth with high speed on-site printing and/or digital files delivery for your party attendees.

Note that through Riverwood Photography we can provide you with a complete range of photography services of all of your people, places, and things. This site is specifically focused on photobooths for your parties and events.

But exactly what is a Custom Photobooth? This is not the phone-booth sized box (that you might find in a mall or movie studio) or an automated system where you pop in, make funny faces at the peephole camera, and then wait for a few minutes until a short strip of pictures pops out…

It really is a professional portrait studio (with a real live photographer) that we setup on-location at your event. We bring a complete portable studio with professional quality cameras and lighting. We also have high speed professional printers and can have prints (framed and bagged for protection) in your guests hands in under a minute.

We use professional photographers to pose your guests and to take the photos, and also have access to a variety of very experienced photography assistants who will select the best images and print the photos.

Because this is a custom service we can tailor the product to what you want or need. We can do formal portraits of each of your guests or we can get crazy and bring out a big old box of funny props and costumes and make a party out of it. We can provide you with all the digital images following the event, create a slideshow for display during the event, or we can even bring our high speed professional printers so your guests will have a beautiful memento to take home with them. If you know what you want then we can provide it. If you don’t know what you need then we can offer plenty of suggestions to help make your event even better than it already will be…

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About Sean Phillips

Sean Phillips is a Professional Portrait Photographer located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Sean is the owner and principal photographer at Riverwood Photography.

Riverwood Photography is a Custom Portrait and Commercial Photography studio in Riverbend in SE Calgary.

We specialize in Headshots (Business Portraits) for small businesses and corporate executives and we offer a complete range of services to photograph the people, places, and things that make your business great. We regularly work on-location or in-studio and we can travel as required to make the images you need.

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Other Services Available

Some of the services offered by Riverwood Photography are listed below. Please click on the links to see sample galleries. If you need anything that doesn’t quite fit the offering here, please contact us and we can work with you to create a package that meets your needs.

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