How long do you keep the pictures?

All of our finished pictures get backed up in at least 3 locations around North America and they get archived for permanent storage. We have extensive digital archives and at this point we don't plan to delete any of the finished pictures at any point in the future. Book a Photobooth or Event Photographer

Can you put our event or Corporate Logo on the Images?

Absolutely. The finished product can be customized in many different ways. From complex photoframes, to Wanted posters, to simple logos on the images. This option is available with any photobooth package or custom quote at no extra charge. Book a Photobooth or Event Photographer

How will the images be delivered?

This is a custom product and therefore we can provide you with whatever you need. If you only need digital pictures to post on your website or Facebook then that is one option. But if you want to provide a DVD or a Custom Photobook of all of the images for all of the guests then we can do that too. We have a few basic packages listed in the Pricing section, but if you don't see exactly what you need then be sure to ask. Book a Photobooth or Event Photographer

How much room does the photobooth require?

We can setup in a relatively small space, but the larger the area available the better. If images are to be provided digitally only then we can setup in as little as a 10x10 foot area. If on-site printing is included in the package then we need about double that to allow room for the print station and to lay out the finished prints for the guests to view and pick up. Guests always end up gathered around the studio and the print station, so it really is hard to have too much space. When you contact us we will discuss the space available and work together to make it work. Book a Photobooth or Event Photographer

How long does it take to setup the studio?

The portable photography studio only takes about 30 minutes to setup, and an on-site printing station requires about an hour. The total time required can be much longer depending on the location, access to power, the space available, and many other factors. When you contact us we will ask a number of questions that will help us to determine how far in advance we need to show up to provide the coverage you require and to be ready at the time you want us to start. Book a Photobooth or Event Photographer

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